I don’t know what this is going to be.  I don’t.  I used to be a pretty prolific navel gazer and then I got the bright idea that I should go back to college.  So I did that, and it took me 7 years to finish;  but the thing is, for 7 years I have done nothing but academic writing.  I worry a little bit that it might have killed the diarist in me.  I know for a fact that college has changed the way I think and see the world, so the only thing i really know is that this isn’t going to be what I used to write.

If you don’t already know me: I am a mother of two teenagers, four cats, two goldfish, and a one-eyed duck, living in Bellingham, WA.  I am a drawer and a gardener and a knitter and a cook.  I live in a tiny old house on a very busy street, but I like to watch the traffic go by, especially when it snows.

I’m not really a spy.  I’m just curious about people, kind of like Harriet.  Harriet the Spy is the epitome of values clashing with ethics:  in a nutshell, Harriet was a little girl who wrote honest things about people in a diary, but all hell broke loose when they got hold of it (Fitzhugh, 1964). I felt similarly about my personal writing before college, which had on occasion caused all hell to break loose: it was a personal process of reconciling my values with my ethics – my honesty with my conduct.

And I still have opinions about stuff and things.  Read this and watch me trip over myself;  it’s my specialty.


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